Tuition is due upon enrollment. Tuition prices are effective August 1, 2023, for High School Courses and September 5, 2023, for University Courses.

University Courses

Online Courses**: $239 per credit
Special Enrollment: $352 per credit

High School Courses

Courses: $199 per semester credit
Specialty Courses: $299 per semester credit
Best Value Courses: $120 per half credit
Quarter-credit Courses: $120 per quarter credit

Course Reading Packets: from $17 to $31 (based on packet size). Course reading packets are available for most High School and University Courses.

**University half (0.5) credit courses are $239 per course


Students can withdraw at any time unless they have requested the final exam or completed the course. You can withdraw from your course by (1) logging in at with your BYU Net ID and password, (2) selecting your course from the list of your current registrations, and (3) selecting Withdraw under Edit Enrollment.

Refunds/vouchers are granted if you withdraw within the following timeframes:

  • Between 0–14 calendar days after the registration date, a full refund is granted, with no withdrawal fee.
  • Between 15–60 calendar days after the registration date, a refund is granted, minus the $30 per course withdrawal fee.
  • Between 61–90 calendar days after the registration date, no refund, a voucher is granted minus the $30 per course withdrawal fee; the voucher also expires 90 days after your registration date.
  • After 91 or more days no refund, no fee, or voucher is granted.

Withdrawal Fee: $30 per course

Please notice (as stated above) that if you withdraw from a course within 90 days of your registration date, but after 60 days of your registration, you will receive a voucher for financial credit with BYU Independent Study, minus the $30 withdrawal fee. This voucher must be used within 90 days of your registration date. After 90 days, you may still withdraw, but no refunds or financial credit will be granted.

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