High School and Middle School Courses
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High/Middle School Course Info

A Fresh New Learning Experience

BYU Independent Study offers a vast array of 250+ high school and middle school courses that are built to meet students’ educational needs, helping them prepare for higher education and successful careers. From core to elective to specialized courses, we are adding some serious fun to keep online learning interesting to students.

Starting in September 2021, we will begin rolling out a new generation of dynamic, engaging courses that can help today’s students catch up, avoid scheduling issues, fill course gaps, get ahead, and even graduate early.

New Strengths

100+ NCAA-approved courses

Our fully accredited portfolio of Math, Science, English, Social Science, and World Language courses is approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center for prospective student-athletes in grades 9–12.

One course, one curriculum, same flexibility

Our courses don’t require scheduled lectures or live class times, but students do benefit from teacher contact and office hours along with all the other benefits of our traditional self-paced, flexible online courses. Where we once had two versions of some courses, we now have one.

Lower pricing on dozens of core courses

Many of our core courses have been reduced in price from $295 to $195. These include standard English, math, science, and social studies courses.

Enriched Student Experience

Lesson variety

Personable, consistent, varied, bite-size course activities keep students engaged and on task. Interactive games, videos, and other activities make learning fun.

Personalized learning options

Some quizzes and exams offer students more flexibility to demonstrate topic mastery, such as through their personal choice of writing an essay, putting together a slide presentation, or creating a multimedia presentation. 

Mapped objectives

Students see a list of detailed learning outcomes, activities, and time estimates for completion of each part of the unit.

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New Learning Tools

Integrated activities and videos

Interactive visuals (e.g., matching games and flashcards) and videos with transcripts help students understand and remember key concepts.

Language and literacy support

All BYU Independent Study courses provide language and literacy support to students—especially to English Language Learners and students with an IEP or 504 plan. Just click the Text-to-Speech button in any course to access these accessibility options:

  • Read aloud lesson text (even complex math equations)
  • Translate text from English to any of 68 languages
  • Click into a dictionary definition (text and illustrated)
  • Highlight passages or focus using screen masking
Virtual science labs

Students learn how to work with materials, following instructions, in virtual labs designed to give an experience similar to in-person labs.

Interactive math tools and accessibility

Built-in equation accessibility and videos help explain difficult concepts. Ungraded self-checks precede graded quizzes and exams.

Guided notes

Students download a template and take specific, guided notes as they study a unit of content. These graded assignments prepare students for quizzes and exams.

Individualized Student Support

Teacher support

Enhanced teacher involvement includes responsive feedback, quicker grading, virtual office hours, and timely communications.

World-class tutoring and assistance

While this part is not new, it may be new to you! We offer free weekly tutoring—up to two half-hour tutoring sessions per week. And our Customer Support team is ready to help students successfully complete their courses.

Student Resources

Better Counselor and Educator Experience

Progress monitoring

Counselors can access student pace and performance information, set up other observers (such as teachers and parents), request student scholarships, and much more within our Counselor Portal.

Proctoring flexibility

Online exams can now be taken either with a local proctor or using our online proctoring service, reducing your school’s in-house proctoring load. (See each specific course syllabus for more information about exam options.)

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