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Flexible, Transferable University Credit

University courses from BYU Independent Study make the impossible…possible! Students everywhere leverage these courses’ rare level of flexibility to bend time and space to keep their graduation plans on track, go back to school, earn prerequisite credit for graduate school, and much more.

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Current and Prospective Students

All students—whether they are enrolled in an undergraduate school or not—can take BYU Independent Study courses and earn transferable credits anytime and anywhere. Did you catch that?

  • Anyone—It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t achieved thus far.
  • Any school—You can transfer eligible credits to almost any US college or university.
  • Anywhere—Online courses make it possible to live in Provo or anywhere in the world.
  • Anytime—Learn and earn credits flexibly around your current commitments.

Supplementary University Courses

For students who need to unjam a busy schedule and keep on track for graduation, 12-month BYU IS supplementary courses can save the day.

  • Need a course your school doesn’t offer? Check out our catalog of 220+ courses.
  • Need to brush up on your math skills (off the record)? We’ve got courses for that.
  • Want to untether yourself for some much-needed travel? Sign up and say adiós!

Full-Time General Education Courses

If you are interested in earning a full set of general education credits, check out the BYU FlexGE program. This program includes in-person options for those who live in Utah or want to move to Utah. Whether you choose in-person or 100% online study, you can take GE courses and then apply to BYU or another school as a transfer student (no high school scores or records required). Scholarships are available. (For information about other in-person study opportunities at BYU, see the Visiting Students website.)

U.S. Courses for International Students

If you live outside the United States, learn more about earning GE credits while waiting for your visa, earning missing undergraduate credits, or preparing to apply to a U.S. graduate program. If your dream school costs more than $218 per credit, you’ll also save big on tuition. Our accredited university courses transfer to almost all U.S. colleges and universities (please verify specific courses with your intended school). BYU IS courses can help make your U.S. university dream a reality!

Student Resources

High School Concurrent Enrollment

Advanced high school students may opt to take eligible BYU Independent Study University courses and earn dual credit. These courses count both at the student’s local high school and toward future undergraduate requirements. High school students who take university courses usually focus on general education requirements like math, world languages, freshman English, Biology, and Physical Science, to name a few. Concurrent enrollment courses can be taken by all high school students, whether they are homeschooled, enrolled in a local school, or enrolled full time in BYU Online High School.

Returning BYU Students

Aim high! Earn your bachelor’s degree and qualify for postgraduate education and greater career success. For former BYU (Provo) students who have earned at least 27 credits on campus, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program offers a unique opportunity to finish what they started. The BGS program includes achievable requirements and offers several emphases that can be completed online, around family and work responsibilities. Watch Success Stories or contact an advisor to see how life-transforming the BGS program can be.

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Professional Continuing Education

Educators and other professionals usually need to take “Continuing Education” (CE) courses to keep their skills sharp. We offer a wide range of university-level courses that may count as CE credits and also may be covered by your employee benefits. (It’s worth asking!)

For example, counselors and educators who work with teens may want to take courses from BYU IS course portfolios such as Psychology, Sociology, or School of Family Life. One specific example? Adolescent Development in the Family and Other Social Contexts provides great opportunities to enhance your effectiveness in working with adolescents.

Other examples? We’ve got skill-building courses that can help catapult you into a new role at work:

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