A Guide for Students

  1. Select a course from the Course Catalog.
  2. Confirm with your counselor that your school will accept the course credit.
  3. Register for the course online, over the phone, or in person.  Be sure to identify your school when registering.
  4. Access the course through our website using your BYU Net ID (username) and password.  If you have not yet created a BYU Net ID and password, this is easily done on our website.  Select “Login” at the top of the page and then “Create an Account.”
  5. Become familiar with our policies and deadlines outlined on our website and any unique policies and requirements listed in the course’s syllabus or polices.  Being familiar with the expectations of BYU Independent Study will help you as you work through your course.
  6. Check to see if BYU Independent Study offers free tutoring in the course you have selected; subjects are limited and based on staff availability.
  7. Study, complete, and submit all course assignments. Choose a BYU Independent Study approved proctor in your area or have an educator apply to become one in your area to administer your required exams.  We recommend that you select a proctor at your own school.
  8. Request and take your final exam. Once all assignments and the final exam have a grade, your course will complete and you should receive an email. (An official transcript can be requested if needed.)
  9. If you identified your high school on your account when registering, they may also be notified of your course completion by email. An official transcript can be requested if needed. Work with your school to find out what they require to accept the transfer credit.