Proctor Policies

  1. Students may not be tutored and proctored by the same staff member. 
  2. Exams must be administered at the educational facility where you are employed. Exams will never be mailed to your home address. 
  3. Proctors must verify the identity of the student with a photo ID and read all of the exam instructions to the student before they begin the exam.
  4. Exams must be administered on the proctor’s computers.  Students may never use their own technology during the exam. 
  5. Online exam access codes should never be used until the student is ready to take the exam and should never be in the student's possession. The paper exams must remain sealed until the student is ready to take it; the exam should never be in the student’s possession except when they are taking it.
  6. The exam must be taken in one sitting. If the student has not scheduled properly to give appropriate time to complete his or her exam, the student cannot come back another day to complete the exam. Please send the exam back to our office if the student was unable to complete it.
  7. The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the duration of the exam. Proctors must remain in the room with the student or must be able to observe the student and the student’s screen at all times while the student is taking the exam. If the student is uncomfortable with the proctoring situation (e.g., the setting is one-on-one with the proctor) a parent, friend, or chaperone may be present, along with the proctor, so long as the student does not interact with that person during the exam. Receiving assistance from any person during the exam is considered academic misconduct and is grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course.
  8. Students cannot take the exam with unauthorized books, notes, reference aids, or navigate away from the exam to other windows or sites of any kind unless specified on the exam instructions. Students cannot take notes on the exam or have any part of it to study after taking it. The student or the proctor cannot duplicate the exam in any way.
  9. Proctors must collect all papers and questions at the conclusion of the exam. Online exams: Shred any scratch paper. Paper Exams: All materials, including exam questions, signed coversheet, and any scratch paper must be sealed and mailed back by the proctor in the envelope provided.
  10. If the requested proctor is unable to proctor the exam, please call the Independent Study office to certify another proctor. Do not hand over the exam to another person or the student.
  11. If the student is suspected of academic misconduct, please call the Independent Study office as soon as possible. 

Independent Study reserves the right to deny or revoke proctor certification should any of these policies not be followed, or for any other reason that Independent Study deems necessary under the circumstances.

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