Become a Certified BYU Independent Study Proctor

BYU Independent Study has contracted an online proctoring service, so most exams for our courses can be taken from home with no fee. Therefore, there is currently not a great need for us to certify local individuals to proctor our exams in person. However, in some special circumstances, an in-person proctor is needed. Ideal candidates to help us meet this need are individuals working in the following types of roles:

For High School Level Exams
  • High School Employed Counselors
For University Level Exams
  • University Testing Center Directors

Requirements for In-person Proctoring

We require our exams be taken in a supervised setting with an approved proctor at their official place of employment. Certified proctors must comply with the following:

  • The proctor must provide a secure and reasonably distraction-free location where the exam can be taken.
  • The proctor must verify the identity of the student with a government-issued photo ID.
  • Paper exams must be securely stored in a safe location prior to and following the exam, preferably in a locked drawer or cabinet. They may not be duplicated in any way. Following the exam, the materials may not be turned over to the student for any reason, including for the purpose of mailing them back to our office. It is the proctor’s responsibility to return them.
  • Online exams must be administered on computers belonging to the proctor’s organization. (Students may not use their own computers to take an exam.) These computers must be free from keyloggers, spyware, or other security compromising issues. They also may not be Chromebooks, cell phones, or similar devices.
  • Online exam access codes may not be given to the student or anyone else. The proctor must maintain and enter them in such a way that they cannot be seen by the students at any time.
  • During the exam, the student, the exam materials, and the screen of any computer used to take the exam must remain visible to the proctor for the entire duration of the exam.
  • The student may not leave the room during the exam, except for an emergency. If a student does leave the room for any reason, the proctor must notify the BYU Independent Study office and share all details that could be relevant in the event of an investigation into potential cheating.
  • If a proctor is unable to administer an exam after having received it, the proctor may not turn it over to anyone else, including the student. Instead, they must call the BYU Independent Study office at 1-800-914-8931.
  • If a proctor observes or has any reason to suspect cheating, the proctor must call the BYU Independent Study Office at 1-800-914-8931.

Unlimited Right to Deny or Revoke Certification

BYU Independent Study reserves the right to deny or revoke proctor certification for any reason, at any time, and in the sole discretion of BYU Independent Study. Some examples of circumstances under which BYU Independent Study invokes this right include, but are not limited to:

  • A proctor or potential proctor has a vested interest in the student’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics.
  • A proctor or potential proctor is a relative, friend, employer, professor, tutor, or ecclesiastical leader of the student.
  • A proctor or potential proctor is not able to proctor without violating laws or regulations in the proctor’s country or locality or policies of the proctor’s employer.
  • Circumstances prevent BYU Independent Study from adequate opportunity to vet the proctor or potential proctor and/or the proposed proctoring location, at BYU Independent Study’s sole discretion.

How to Apply to Become a Certified Proctor

  1. If you don’t already have one, please create a BYU Net ID.
  2. Then use your Net ID to log in and apply to become a certified proctor.

Create a Net ID    Log in and Apply

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